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    Thanks for all te extra info and help in my work. Owe you two.


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    Hello Sophie,
    I have no idea how to use the Forum,this is the only way I can get to someone and please tell me how to write on Forum.
    Two weeks ago I had the privilage to find this webpage and I love it. You're the best , Hashem should keep you strong.


    Reply from Sophiee1:
    Thanks for the kind words. To post you must first register with Yuku (the forum's home)

    If you have any problems contact uriyosef who is the system admin.


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    Hi Sophieee,

    It's Alesiah! How have ya been??? I was wondering what happened to my posted topic about Rameses II in the "Ask the Rabbi" section??? There was some very good information posted on it from members. I also had remembered your comments about the lamb/rams that were slaughtered for the first Passover. I know the lambs were not sacrificed for any type of atonement. I've found a few sights that reveal the fact Rams were certainly worshipped in Egyptian culture...just as you said...

    One thing I found profound was that HaShem ordered the rams slaughtered during the Spring equinox and also during the Zodiac sign of Aries the Ram..

    In ancient Egyptian culture they were into astronomy, astrology, and paganism..
    HaShem selecting the rams was done for a reason.. Why not an Ox or bull??...
    I believe the rams were slaughtered to denounce the god of the Pharoah which was possibly Amon... Also Ram--eses the II was worshipped as a god as well...
    I was wondering which pharoah centralized ram worship during the life of Moses???

    Yes, the Hebrews reverened HaShem by following His commands and denounced the Egyptian pagan gods...

    I think I understand the impact of just how symbolic the JC movement is in all this..Lamb of god business..... Geeez, it's like the symbolic lambs the Hebrews slaughtered and denounced are resurrecting through the idiology of JC...

    Those who accept JC allow the lamb of god to resurrect in them... Kinda scary to me.... Oh well, just seemed like an odd connection..


    Reply from Sophiee1:
    "Ask the Rabbi" is intended to be just that -- a place to ask questions of the rabbis. Lady Felix started turning it into a far more general forum, really the one served either by General Judaism or Counter Missionary.

    From now on only the Rabbis are moderating ATR. Odds are they removed your post (they removed some of mine, too) since we aren't rabbis. If you still have your post on Ramses you might try starting a new thread on a different forum.

    Hope you're doing well. My son is about to finish school. Oy vey, they grow up fast!