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    sophiee-my favorite is to as xians if God allowed Mary to experience as orgasm as she conceived.  it goes like this "So Mary was a virgin and the h.s. got her pregnant, right?"  "yes."  "well, did she come?"  "excuse me?"  "Did god the father allow the Blessed Virgin to experience an orgasm while the Holy ghost was having his way with her?yes or no?It's very important to me."
    "and one more thing.  Did God watch while this was happening?  did he enjoy it, too, if you know what I mean?"  It's a real show stopper, but I doubt you would want me to post it on the forum...
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    Hi Sophiee.

    Long time no see.

    DId you see the post I wrote about Yoseph Robinson?

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    Hi Sophie,

    I've been a lurker here for a few years now; this valueable website helped me walk away from Moshe Rosen's organization (as did Tovia Singer's tapes and "Matthew's" bloopers). .

    I feel unhappy to see Prof. Tziyyon arguing with you.  I get a lot out of his posts, but I think he is unduly harsh sometimes.  I think that's why Proteus hasn't written recently, because Prof. Tziyyon was harsh with him.

    Your counter missionary efforts are very much appreciated--and crucial.


    Reply from Sophiee1:

    Thank you for the kind thoughts.

    The Professor is an elderly gentleman.  For that reason try not to take "too heart" his gruff approach.  It can indeed detract from his wisdom, which is impressive.   Often elderly people have aches and pains not to mention limited patience.  I try to keep this in mind when communicating with Mordochai and his barbs when directed at me do not offend me. 

    Now if it were anyone else I would not be so patient!
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    I had a dream where something that I took for my soul looked hideous. It was about the size of a hedgehog, and it was shrivelled and nasty looking, and it occupied the center of my self. Immediately I understood the Xian concern for the state of their immortal souls and why demons, spirit, afterlife, heaven, hell are peppered throughout the G.T. My question is , does our Tradition speak of this "Xian concern" and its psychological/historical/spiritual roots? What have you to say about this? And finally, can you suggest a book/website, etc. where I can go for more information on this? In other words, I saw how one could be frightened by this demon at the core of his being into by-passing the one and only God(Hashem) for- what they call "Lord"- Jesus. It seems to me that after this dream that that's what Xians are referring to when they implacably- and many times blithely- consign non-believers to eternal Hell fire. They see that this rottenness of their souls can only be rehabilitated by heroic- or what Paul calls "foolish"- measures.

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